St Peter's College Production 2017

St Peter's College is proud to announce its College Production for 2017 is:


The story follows Camden lad Joe Casey who, on the night of his 16th birthday, makes a decision that will change his life. Trying to impress Sarah, the girl of his dreams, Joe breaks into a building development overlooking his home on Casey Street. But things take a turn for the worse as the police turn up. Joe’s life splits into two; the Good Joe who stays and gives himself up and Bad Joe who flees and leaves Sarah to run from the police.
Our House follows the two paths that Joe’s life could take after that fateful night; one path means a criminal record and social exclusion, while the other will lose him the girl that he loves. Over a period of seven years and two alternative lives Joe deals with the consequences of that night. Whilst one Joe fights to keep Sarah, the other is marrying her in a glitzy Vegas wedding and, ultimately, while Good Joe fights to save his house on Casey Street, Bad Joe is determined to demolish it with tragic consequences. All this is watched over by Joe’s deceased father, who pulls the two stories together.

Please scroll down for Character Descriptions and links to sheet music & YouTube clips...

We're looking for HIGH ENERGY, ENTHUSIASM, PASSION... and a hint of Madness!

30th November 2016: For those who have not got an audition slot, please either come between 7.30pm - 9.30pm on Saturday 3rd December to the SPC Library OR just turn up during auditions times as listed and we will fit you in.

21st November 2016: Audition slots now full, HOWEVER please continue to register your interest by clicking on the Registration Link in point 1 below.

9th November 2016: AUDITIONS NOW OPEN to for booking. This is a TWO STAGE PROCESS. 

Auditions will be held in the St Peter's College Library and dates are as follows:

Wednesday, 30th November: 3.30pm-7pm
Friday, 2nd December: 3.30pm-7pm
Saturday 3rd December: 2pm-7pm
Sunday 4th December: 10am-2pm

All auditionees MUST attend a Movemenet Workshop on Sunday 4th December from 3pm-4pm in the College Hall



  1. REGISTER your details HERE AND
  2. BOOK AUDITION TIME HERE - code: a9m8n (as at 21st November, auditions are full - see note above dated 21st November)
Once you have REGISTERED and BOOKED your audition, don't forget you will also have to attend the Movement Workshop on Sunday 4th as per above details.

Older news:

​8th November 2016: See Character Descriptions etc below. 


Joe Casey, Baritone/Tenor (C3-G4)

The hero of the show. Joe is loyal to his friends and proud of his community, but is also easily led – encouraging him to make some bad decisions. He loves Sarah and is proud of her, but his need to show off to Sarah and his family to the world often lands him in more trouble.

Audition Song: It must be Love

It must be Love - SHEET MUSIC link
It must be Love - YOUTUBE link

Sarah, Mezzo (A3-F5)

Joe’s girlfriend. An aspiring lawyer with a ‘great judge of character’, Sarah is Joe’s true love. She tries to see past Joe’s mistakes, but gets frustrated by his lack of conscience. Will her interest in law be useful one day?

Audition Song: It must be love

It must be Love - SHEET MUSIC link

It must be Love - YOUTUBE link

Emmo & Lewis, Baritone/Tenor (C3-E4)

Joe’s best friends. Always up for a laugh, but dead serious when it comes to saving Casey Street. Lewis is the most sensible of the pair, looking after a more simple-minded Emmo. They are typical ‘Landon Lads’: entrepreneurial, outgoing, and always up for a drink.

Audition Song: My Girl

My Girl - SHEET MUSIC link

My Girl - YOUTUBE link

Billie & Angie, Alto/Mezzo (B3- E5)

Sarah’s best friends. Billie and Angie are Sarah’s sassy best friends. Their aim in life is not to go to university and train to be a lawyer, but to know someone who will. They realise that Sarah is their only hope of success so they encourage her and Joe to get together.

Audition Song: Wings of a Dove

Wings of a Dove - SHEET MUSIC link
Wings of a Dove - YOUTUBE link

Dad, Baritone (Bb2-E4)

Joe’s dad. Once loyal to his family, Joe’s Dad was jailed for making some bad decisions – and he never returned home afterwards. He follows Joe’s paths, advising him where he went wrong.

Audition Song: Simple Equation

Simple Equation - SHEET MUSIC link
Simple Equation - YOUTUBE link

Kath Casey, Alto (with belt) (G3-C#5)

Joe’s mum. A traditional Irish Catholic mother; worried about her family’s reputation and the upkeep of her community. She still waits for Joe’s father to return home, fondly reminiscing over their first dance.

Audition Song: Our House

Our House - SHEET MUSIC link
Our House - YOUTUBE link

Reecey, Baritone (C3-D#4)

The villain. A school ‘mate’ of Joe’s who has turned to criminal activity to make a living. He befriends Joe and introduces him to the world of lying, stealing and cheating – but although it might seem easy, it isn’t right.

Audition Song: Baggy Trousers

Baggy Trousers - SHEET MUSIC link

Mr Pressman, Bass/Baritone (D#3-C4)

The other villain. Owner of ‘Pressman Developments’, Mr Pressman is a high-end, low-budget development contractor, aiming to demolish Joe’s family home and neighbourhood. He has no concern for the current inhabitants and doesn’t care how it happens – he will get them out.

Audition Song: My Girl

My Girl - SHEET MUSIC link

My Girl - YOUTUBE link


There are also lots of featured ensemble roles

Audition Song : Our House

Our House - SHEET MUSIC link
Our House - YOUTUBE link

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