St Peter's College Year 7 & 8 Eisteddfod

The annual Eisteddfod is a Middle School event where classes and individuals compete in Performing Arts such as Singing, Music and Poetry. This St Peter's tradition originated in the foundation year of SPC, 1939.

Al boys in Year 7 & 8 take part in our Annual Eisteddfod competition. The boys can participate as a member of a class item, group item or performing a solo item. Some, of course, will participate in all three.

The 2016 dates are:

Eisteddfod Rehearsals
Monday 20th June–Thursday 23rd June 2016 in the College Hall

Eisteddfod Performances
Year 8: Tuesday 5th July 2-16, 6:30pm in the College Hall 
Year 7: Wednesday 6th  July 2016, 6:30pm in the College Hall

It's worth taking a moment to view Miss Lisa Jenkins short presentation on the origins of the Eisteddfod - it is a most worthwhile (and short) watch!

See link below definition


An Eisteddfod (Welsh, plural Eisteddfodau [-stɛðˈvɔdaɨ] or eisteddfods) is a Welsh festival of literature, music and performance. The tradition of such a meeting of Welsh artists dates back to at least the 12th century when a festival of poetry and music was held by Rhys ap Gruffydd of Deheubarth at his court in Cardigan in1176, but with the decline of the bardic tradition it fell into abeyance. The present-day format owes much to an eighteenth century revival arising out of a number of informal eisteddfodau. The word Eisteddfod is derived from the Welsh word eistedd, meaning "sit". 

The following link is to a presentation created by Miss Lisa Jenkins in the Theology & Philosophy Department, who hails from Wales. Thank you to Lisa for providing this outstanding presentaiton on the Eisteddfod tradition in Wales:

Click here to view: Miss Jenkins' Prezi Eisteddfod Presentation