St Peter's College Confucius Classroom

St Peter's College was the first high school to launch a Confucius Classroom in Auckland.  Since March 2014, 500+boys are studying Chinese from Year 7 to Year 13. St Peter's has an established Chinese curriculum, with students entering speech and essay competitions and taking part in Chinese language camps. It has a "brother" relationship with a school in China, with student exchanges and camps planned.
Confucius Classrooms (CCs) are school-based hubs for Chinese teaching and learning. CCs managed by Confucius Institute (CI) in Auckland are eligible to receive annual funding from Hanban (CI headquarters), as well as books and teaching materials directly from Hanban. They have additional entitlements to teacher training in China, scholarships for pupils, and support for summer camp. Every year, we organize a 20 boys China trip for students who are learning Mandarin.
Language learning in Mandarin will equip our students to understand the culture of our largest trading partner in New Zealand. So in many ways, learning Mandarin will be an essential add-on to the degree a person studies at university.  Engineering plus Mandarin, Medicine plus Mandarin etc. Furthermore, the main advantage for a boy studying Mandarin is about gaining a foothold in any future job market and about understanding a culture that is not his own.  Coincidentally, it is also about the more one looks outwardly the more one appreciates what is present.  The more one understands another culture, the more one appreciates his own. To explore Chinese culture, SPC has established a martial art team and the weekly training has been published on school website as one of the co-curricular sports. Moreover, we teach students to make dumplings, paper cuts, Chinese calligraphy and painting, and so on.

 China Trip 2016 - written by Harry McLauchlan, Year 11, 2016

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