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St Peter’s College offers a wide range of sports in which your sons are able to participate. It is our intention to ensure that as many boys as possible represent St Peter’s in sport. We want our boys to reap the wide-ranging benefits that sport provides. These include the obvious physical benefits right through to the sense of belonging boys have when a part of a team.

St Peter’s College has a proud sporting tradition and is currently one of the leading secondary schools in Auckland for both participation and achievement. Over the years we have gained national titles in Rugby, Softball, Athletics and Rowing. In 2012, ten boys gained national recognition and many others gained representative honors. Our Premier Rugby, Cricket, Football, Rowing, Hockey, Softball and Touch sides all compete in the Premier Auckland competitions.  Only a select few schools Auckland-wide can boast similiar first team achievement.  Sport such as Basketball, Cycling and Water polo are currently making excellent participation and achievement gains.

St Peter’s sporting success can be attributed to the dedication of a large number of very competent and highly motivated staff, parent helpers and obviously the sportsmen themselves. While we are fortunate to have a large number of staff involved in coaching and managing teams, we also require parental assistance to ensure we field teams for all boys who want to play sport for St Peter’s. Please make contact with Mark Wilson if you interested in coaching or managing a team.

Being a member of a school sports team brings responsibility. Your sons are required to:

  • Attend meetings promptly
  • Attend practices on time
  • Wear the correct playing uniform with pride
  • Have a responsible and positive attitude
  • Once your sons have entered into a sport they are committed to that team for the entire season

We strongly encourage your sons to make the most of the excellent sporting opportunities at St Peter’s. Being involved in sport will make your son’s time at St Peter’s a more memorable one and will help provide a positive lifelong attitude towards sport and recreation.

Please use these web pages as a guide. To ensure he does not miss out on playing the sport of his choice, your son needs to make sure he listens to assembly notices, complete registrations promptly and attend required meetings.

If you have any questions regarding sport, please feel free to contact me. We look forward to your son having a long and successful sporting relationship with St Peter’s College.


Nicky Cattermoul

Director of Sport


P: 524 8108 x 7333