St Peter's College educates the whole person in an environment of Christian love and service. St Peter's offers a Catholic education to 1200 boys from Year 7 to Year 13. It is centrally located in Grafton, Auckland and draws its student enrolment from many different areas of the city.

Today there are many changes in education. We will continue to see changes in the future. There are, however, some constant values at St Peter's which will not change:

  • A commitment to the Catholic faith-story and Christian values
  • A belief in excellence in all areas of human life, academic, sporting, musical and cultural
  • A respect for each other through behavioural expectations
  • A pride in other people's achievements and the spirit which that generates within the community
  • A concern for each student and working with families to ensure that there is pastoral support



We are well aware of the trust given to us when parents enrol their sons at St Peter’s College.


We look forward to serving your son and family in these formal years of education.

In His Peace

KF Fouhy