Special Character Leadership

‘The St Peter’s College Man is a Man of Faith’

Student Leadership at St Peter’s College is intertwined with the Special Character of the School. The Leadership Programme works in liaison with Special Character, working together to produce student leaders who are role models of faith, excellence and service.

Student Service Leadership – Mission Statement

The overall Mission Statement for the College states that “we challenge each boy to achieve his full potential. . .”. The Student Leadership Mission Statement revolves around this specific element of the College Statement.


  • Each student is encouraged to see themselves as leaders and to recognise that they have the potential to become a leader at some point in their lives.
  • Each student is offered opportunities to learn about leadership and the skills and values involved in becoming an effective leader.
  • Each student, particularly at Senior levels, is given opportunities to apply leadership theory in practical situations.

Additionally, the Special Character Group (Year 12 & 13) provides opportunity for leadership and role modelling, with students leading their peers in prayer, reflection and through the Retreat Programmes.


1.     Special Character Group

The Special Character Group is a group of Year 12 and 13 students who are committed to promoting the Special Character of St Peter’s College. The 50 or so members meet every Monday interval and Wednesday Lunch and go on a four-day pilgrimage every April holidays. Members assist with the organisation of all liturgies, retreats and school prayer and are involved through meetings in ongoing spiritual formation.

2.     Year 9 & 10 Liturgical

This is group of junior students who meet to reflect and pray in the Chapel every Wednesday.

3.     St Vincent De Paul (Young Vinnies)

This is a group connected to the worldwide SVDP organisation. Its focus is community service, and involves students in visits to rest homes and fundraising for missions etc. Young Vinnies also provides Special Character Leadership opportunities for students from Years 7-13. Any work outside of school hours can be used for the Service Hours. Young Vinnies at SPC.

4.     Edmund Rice Group

The Edmund Rice Group consists of Year 12 and 13 students who are committed to the Edmund Rice ethos and charism at St Peter’s. Members provide Special Character Leadership through the promotion of the Edmund Rice culture at St Peter’s College.