Music has a very high profile at St Peter’s College. The Music Faculty is housed in a modern building where there are excellent facilities with a large classroom, instrumental tuition rooms and advanced recording provisions. Music theory is part of the curriculum for all boys in years 7 and 8 and all year 7 and 8 students receive obligatory musical tuition with every boy in the College learning to play a musical instrument in their first two years.

The annual Eisteddfod competition has long been a major feature in the Years 7 and 8 classes. For this event, everyone takes part and a variety of talents are displayed and enjoyed by all.

Instrumental tuition is given by a range of highly qualified specialist instrumental teachers and enables all boys to learn a diverse range of string, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. Students can take part in the many established instrumental groups in the College. These are Stage Band, Senior Concert Band, Senior Orchestra, Choir and the junior equivalents of these groups. The senior music groups are regularly involved in regional and national and, at times, international competitions, with a history of regular high achievements. A Chamber Music programme has also been established and has become very popular with students.

Trinity College of London Music exams have been offered during the year for a number of years now. It has proven a valuable tool in developing skills and motivating students.

The highlight of the music year is St Peter’s College Music Night (the Proms), where the Music Department presents all aspects and levels of music at the College. There are numerous other events, within the school and outside the school, in which the Music Faculty participates.

The Music Department recording studio has produced a number of CD recordings for College groups and outside groups, including some international visitors. The Music Department has a dynamic team of teachers who are supported by an energetic group of parents called The Friends of Music.


Antun Poljanich

HOF Music