SPC Foundation

The St Peter’s College Foundation Trust (SPC Foundation) is a charitable trust established to provide for the long term financial security of St Peter’s College, and to support it in its pastoral, academic, sporting and cultural scholarships, annual grants and other distributions.

The SPC Foundation will support and focus on special projects as required.


It is the long term goal of the SPC Foundation to establish and manage a significant financial and capital resource to allow it provide for:

  • the best Catholic education possible
  • financially supporting the future of St Peter’s

The objectives of the SPC Foundation are to:


  • Advance education by providing funding for facilities, amenities and services for all students and staff
  • Provide for scholarships to students and staff
  • Support educational and co-curricular activities, being academic, sporting and cultural
  • Carry out special projects for new buildings and learning facilities
  • Support any activities that will advance St Peter’s College

Edmund Rice Way

The SPC Foundation promotes the Edmund Rice way as a part of growing a St Peter’s Man.

  • Liberating Education
  • Inclusive Community
  • Gospel Spirituality
  • Justice and Solidarity
Managing the Trust

The funds and assets held by the trust are managed by the SPC Foundation Board of Trustees. This is a legal and charitable entity separate from the St Peter’s College Board of Trustees (BOT).

The SPC Foundation Board members are:
  • Denis Drumm – Chair
  • James Bentley – St Peter’s College Headmaster
  • Nick Kumarich 
  • Mark McLauchlan
  • Craig Mulholland – BOT Chair
  • Peter Wilkening – SPC Old Boys
  • Brigid Abley

Donations, contributions and earnings generated by the Trust will be invested conservatively. Property may be held in Trust for the benefit of St Peter’s College.

Gifts and donations to the SPC Foundation can also be reserved for specific purposes.

A Legacy for the Future

In its 75 year history, St Peter’s has established itself as one of New Zealand’s leading Catholic boys’ school. It enjoys high levels of academic, sporting and musical achievement.St Peter’s men are developed as leaders, who confidently take their place in society, and contribute greatly to New Zealand’s success.St Peter’s students have become Members of the New Zealand Order of Merit, Bishops, great Medical & Business leaders, world renowned Musicians, and sporting greats including All Blacks.The SPC Foundation will work to ensure the same opportunities exist for future generations of St Peter’s boys, who through their time at St Peters, become leaders.We are grateful for the support of our past present and future St Peter’s communities in developing and growing the SPC Foundation.

St Peter’s College educates Catholic boys in an environment of Christian love and service in the Edmund Rice tradition

  • We challenge each boy to achieve his full potential in all academic, cultural, sporting, social and religious activities;
  • We encourage each boy always to show love and service to his family, his College, and his total community;
  • We work with the community in setting our goals and objectives and in assessing our effectiveness.

Thank you for your support