Pastoral Care

  • The goal of St Peter’s College as a Catholic school is to meet all personal, academic, physical, spiritual and emotional needs of every student.
  • Catering for these needs will provide boys with the optimal chance for their social and learning development
  • Pastoral Care involves creating the right culture and environment so that the above goal can be met.
  • Pastoral Care is part of the unique special character of St Peter’s College;
  • All staff contribute to Pastoral Care

Uniform & Grooming

The St Peter’s Uniform can be purchased from Edmund’s Shop, our uniform and stationery shop which is on-site. This is the only retailer of our College Uniform.

Mrs Alvarez, Edmund’s Shop Manager can help you with your uniform queries. Edmund’s Shop

SPC UNIFORM REQUIREMENTS including prices and photos


The SPC Respect Code states that we expect all boys to have pride in themselves, their grooming and their dress.

At enrolment, and in all communication, parents and students are informed of the expectations for wearing the College Uniform and personal grooming. All students are expected to leave home and return home in the correct uniform, worn correctly:

  • Hair must be a student’s natural colour
  • Hair must not be below the collar, longer hair can be dangerous in practical classes and students will have to tie hair up if requested.
  • Hair must be tied back if eyes and face are not visible
  • Extreme hairstyles are not permitted. These include, but are not limited to, dreadlocks, mohawks, shaved lines or any such styles that are studied efforts to draw attention to the student.
  •  All students must be clean shaven
Guidance Counsellor

Kia ora and hi.

My name is Sue Maloney and I am a full-time Guidance Counsellor working as part of the Pastoral Care Team.

St Peter’s College offers a confidential counselling service that is available to all students, staff and parents – here is some brief information about how this works.

For most students at SPC, their time through school incorporates the journey from childhood into young adulthood; not easy.  Through that and added to that of course are academic expectations, life’s adversities, confusions and complications. Counselling support can help ease the rougher segments of this journey; helping to navigate these often difficult and unknown waters.

The value of being listened to and of being understood is immense. Counselling support can foster conditions whereby we can continue to develop as caring, contributing and responsible people. In counselling, there exists an awareness of and respect for difference; action can be taken for those who are disempowered or disadvantaged. Through the counselling conversation, we are supported to make sense of certain difficulties and concerns, and to develop further our existing capacities and resourcefulness.

Counselling sessions can be arranged by walk-in, email or phone call.

Counselling referrals can be made as self-referral or by concerned parents, friends, teachers and Heads of Year.

My room is upstairs in G Block (room G11).  If I am unavailable, please contact me by voice message or email, or leave a note under the door.  You can also leave a message with Mrs Strong in the Attendance Office and I will follow up with you as soon as possible.

You can contact me on or on 09 524 8108 ext. 7391.   No question or concern is too small or irrelevant. Please do not hesitate to make contact.

Sue Maloney
Guidance Counsellor
P: 09 524 8108 x 7391

Pastoral Care Team

The main focus of the Pastoral Care Team is the support of students or, occasionally, staff who are identified to be struggling with College life. The problems students experience are too numerous to summarise but include health, family, financial and personal problems. Students are assigned to individual members of the PCT. The support person meets with their assigned student on a regular basis. This can include home visits, peer mentoring, parent or outside agency conferences. All identified boys are closely monitored by somebody on the PCT in the strictest confidence.

Any referrals to the PCT can be made through the relevant Head of Year (HOY).

Attendance Office Procedures
  1. Our Attendance Officer is Mrs Callena Lewis, T: 09 524 3934 or E:


When your boy is away from school for any reason you must ring the College on 09 524 3934 for the Attendance Office. Information required:

  • Your name
  • Your boy’s name
  • His house class
  • The reason he is away

(whether he is only away for one period during the day or is sick, you must ring in DAILY if he is absent).

IMPORTANT: On his return to school, an explanation letter/note is also required to be forwarded to the Attendance Office to verify his absence.


  • For any non-school related absences such non-school representative sport events, even if for one day, a request must be put in writing to the Headmaster in advance.
  • Absence during term time for extended holidays is strongly discouraged. Any request for additional holidays must be put in writing to the Headmaster.


If your son is needing to leave school for an appointment, he requires a note from a parent and he MUST sign out at the Attendance Office prior to leaving school.


  • Boys are to arrive at school and in class on time
  • Boys who arrive late need to sign in at the Attendance Office
  • Genuine lateness must be explained with a note
  • Unexplained lateness will result in a detention
Health Centre

Boys who have injured themselves or are feeling unwell should visit our Health Centre which is in C Block near the Attendance Office.

Mrs Claire Conroy is our nurse in charge.

Opening hours: 9am – 3pm, Mon – Fri

T: 524 8108 x 7361   or   E:

Claire Conroy

Heads of Year (HOYs)

The Heads of Year have overall responsibility for the pastoral care and academic progress of boys in their respective year level.

The Deputy Headmaster Pastoral Care is Mr Grant Hansen, E:, T: 09 524 8101 x 7342

The Heads of Year are:

HOY 7 Mr Blake Plummer x 7618
HOY 8 Mr Neil Finnigan x 7337
HOY 9 Miss Kate Mora x 7319
HOY 10 Mr Brett Kingstone x 7364
HOY 11 Mr Conor Shea  x 7327
HOY 12 Mr Damish Umar x 7331
HOY 13 Mr Brett Fricker x 7317
The SPC Man is a man of:
  • Faith
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Service
  • Heart and
  • Presence

(a reminder is FRESH P – or FRESH PRESENCE)

Career Guidance
Careers Support for SPC Students

Welcome to the Careers’ Centre.  My name is Isobel Coleman and I am the Careers Advisor at St Peter’s College.

Thinking about future career options and pathways can be overwhelming, but having access to relevant career information and friendly support makes this easier.

I can provide you with the following career information:

  • Information of different jobs, occupations and industries
  • Study options ranging from universities to apprentice training organisations
  • Subject choice support
  • Online tools to help you understand your interests and talents
  • Details on scholarships, career events and other great opportunities
  • Tips and templates for making a great CV

All year 13 students will have a mandatory career session with me this year, but students from other year groups are welcome to visit me or to make an appointment.

Where you can find me

I am located upstairs in G Block (room G15).  Come in and say hi if my door is open!  If I am unavailable then please leave a message with Mrs Lewis and I will follow-up with you.

You can also contact me on or 09 524 8108 ext 7334.

Isobel Coleman
Careers Advisor