Careers Centre

Welcome to the Careers’ Centre. 

Thinking about future career options and pathways can be overwhelming, but having access to relevant career information and friendly support makes this easier.

We can provide you with the following career information:

  • Information of different jobs, occupations and industries
  • Study options ranging from universities to apprentice training organisations
  • Subject choice support
  • Online tools to help you understand your interests and talents
  • Details on scholarships, career events and other great opportunities
  • Tips and templates for making a great CV

All year 13 students will have a mandatory career session with me this year, but students from other year groups are welcome to visit me or to make an appointment.

Where you can find the Careers Centre? We are located upstairs in G Block (room G15). Come in and say hi if my door is open! If I am unavailable then please leave a message with Mrs Lewis and we will follow-up with you.

You can also contact us on or 09 524 8108 ext 7334.

Isobel Coleman
Careers Advisor

Subject Choice Help


Think about the Internal Factors

Interests- they are strong predictors for subject choice
Enjoyment of the subject
Ability and motivation –don’t forget hard work, grit and perseverance to master a subject, or improve your results

Consider External Factors

Relevance to course requirements and future career ideas.
Educational value, enrichment and skills development e.g. critical thinking, research.
Compulsory subjects
Expert advice from Teachers & Head of Departments
Opinions of other students, but make up your own mind based on research
Is it an informed, good choice for you?


Think carefully before you make your choices, as they can often influence or limit your future career choices.
Thoroughly read the appropriate Year level Subject Guide
Check out the required and recommended subjects for tertiary courses with the links provided
Look at the work that is done in a subject. eg. What is Classics? What do you do in Business Studies, Media Studies or Hard Materials?
Discuss your ideas with family, teachers and Head of Years. Do some critical, honest thinking!


… what your friends are doing
… because you think the subject is nice and easy
… you like/dislike the teacher
… too hard to bother with!
…….instead, do some worthwhile research for your subjects.


Come into the Careers Centre and discuss with Careers staff

Universities New Zealand


Choosing a University

A little planning will help you make the most of the opportunities at university. All eight New Zealand universities are ranked in the top 3% in the world and offer quality tertiary education and student support – so all are good options!

Some things you may want to consider:

what are my interests and strengths? What do I love doing? What are my future goals?
Which universities offer what I want to study?
Where is the campus located? Is it in a city, out of town or close to home?
What is the student population?
What is the vibe of the university?
Does the university have all the facilities and support I’d want?
Is there university accommodation – Halls of Residence?
What scholarships are available for school leavers?

Use the resources available on this page to check out your options – the better you research your options, the better your decision will be! If you need any help don’t hesitate to pop into the Careers Centre or email me on

University of AucklandUniversity of CanterburyAUTUniversity of Waikato

Victoria University of WellingtonLincoln UniversityMassey University

Otago University


CV Template

Create a CV
What is a CV?

CV is short for ‘curriculum vitae’. It is a marketing tool because it promotes ‘you’ to a potential employer and hopefully makes the employer want to interview you.

Your CV

Your CV should ‘fit’ each new job application.

As a school leaver you may think you’ve only got your education and qualifications to put into your CV. Not so!

Think carefully about the skills you’ve developed through extracurricular activities, church, school, clubs, work experience and hobbies. Include in your CV any of these skills that would be useful to the job, eg organisational skills, leadership skills.

A career statement or goal placed after contact details can be a way to make an impression. It should be simple and describe where you see yourself heading, making a clear reference to the job you’re applying for.

Please click on the Resources folder to download a CV template that you can use to create your own CV.

You can open this document, edit and save it.

Online CV builder

You can also create and download a CV by using Careers New Zealand’s online CV builder tool. Click here to access it.