Kapa Haka

KAPA HAKA – Polyfest 2017

In 2017, for the first time, St Peter’s was performing in Division 2 of the Maori Stage at Polyfest.  To ensure the SPC rōpū was able to stay in the Division, the boys’ performance had to lift and their commitment needed to improve tenfold.  With Matua Wiremu’s expertise and guidance the boys began to realise what was needed.

The practice was increased to include both Saturdays and Sundays as well as the usual weekdays.  One of the boys commented that he had eaten lunch at school for 36 days in a row, such was the commitment.

The weekend before Polyfest the rōpū organised a Marae noho at Manawanui Marae in Pt Chev.  This meant they were able to polish their performance and hit the last week before Polyfest running.

On the Monday Kapa Haka gave everyone a taster of their programme at Fiafia night and, under the guidance of Tanis as Kaea, and Matua as the tutor, the boys gave an outstanding performance.  This was replicated again for the school on Tuesday.

Practices continued each night, until finally performance day arrived.  The boys were dressed in their piupiu and moko before leaving school for the venue.  The excitement and expectation rose as they got closer.

It was an extremely hot day, but this did not deter the boys and they lifted their performance yet again on the day.  They gave a performance to make the school, their whanau and themselves proud and achieved the following results:

1st Mau rakau (Trophy)
2nd Waiata tira (Choral)
3rd Mita o te reo (Language competency)
5th Whakaeke (Entry)
8th Moteatea (Traditional Chant)
5th Waiata a ringa (Action Song)
6th Haka
4th Whakawatea (Exit)
6th Overall

Matua Wiremu received an award for best tutor (he has been very modest about this); so St Peter’s should be very grateful to have such a wonderful role model and teacher for the boys in the rōpū.

Thanks to Matua Alex Leaf, Whaea Viv and Whaea Kate Haddock for their support and help, and, of course, a special thanks to all the Whanau who have given Kapa Haka their sons for the last six weeks.  Your sons have grown and have real pride in their culture and heritage.