Catholic Character

Catholic Mission

Our Catholic philosophy is linked to our Mission Statement

“St Peter’s College educates the whole person in an environment of Christian love and service”

There are three premises within the Mission Statement most directly related to our Catholic Mission:

  • “We adopt Jesus Christ as our model in what we do and teach”
  • “We educate boys in the traditions of the Catholic Faith”
  • “We challenge each boy to achieve his full potential – academic, cultural, sporting, social and religious activities”

Three Roman documents: ‘The Catholic School’, ‘The Religious Dimension of Education in Catholic Schools’ and ‘Lay Catholics
in Schools: Witnesses to Faith’ expand and clarify the premises contained in the Mission Statement. These documents are a rich source of fundamental principles which are integral to Catholic Education

Each of the Roman documents speaks to the role of the Catholic School as the Church. The Catholic school has responsibilities and functions which are unique to an academic setting.

The following excerpts from the Roman documents are to serve as guides to those who have the responsibility of writing the philosophy:

  • A Catholic school is not simply a place where lessons are taught; it is a centre that has an operative educational philosophy, attentive to the needs of today’s youth and illumined by the Gospel message.
  • Christ is the foundation of the whole educational enterprise in a Catholic school … making the beatitudes his norm of life
  • A Catholic secondary school will give special attention to the “challenges” that human culture poses for faith. Students will be helped to attain that synthesis of faith and culture which is necessary for faith to be mature
  • The aim of catechises, or handing on of the Gospel message, is maturity: spiritual, liturgical, sacramental, and apostolic; this happens most especially in a local Church community. The aim of the school however, is knowledge
  • The religious dimension of the school climate is expressed through the celebration of Christian values in Word and Sacrament, in individual behaviours, in friendly harmonious interpersonal relationships, and in a ready availability
  • Young people have to be taught to share their personal lives with God. They are to overcome their individualism and discover, in the light of faith, their specific vocation to live responsibly in a community with others
  • The Catholic school community, therefore, is an irreplaceable source of service, not only to the pupils and its other members, but also to society
  • Therefore a Catholic school should be sensitive to and help to promulgate Church appeals for peace, justice, freedom, progress for all peoples, and assistance for countries in need

St Peter’s College is centred then on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a consequence the College has these unique Catholic features:

  • God has a name and is publicly recognised through Prayer, Liturgy and the daily living of individuals
  • Prayer which is at the Interface between Humans and God is encouraged at the beginning of each day, at start of lessons and at all College functions
  • Qualities and excellence of all Human Activity will reflect the glory of God
  • The College is sensitive to the needs of the underprivileged and will ensure that there is personal concern for the disadvantaged
  • The College is a Christian community with the values of love and service reflected in relationships between the College and the wider community
  • A focus on the role of parents as being essential partners in the educational process

Hayden Kingdon
Associate Headmaster
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