Year 7 & 8

Welcome to St Peter’s College and Year 7 & 8 – also known as the Middle School

Below you will find an overview of different aspects of the Middle School and in particular, information regarding The First Two Years of your son’s journey at St Peter’s College.

God’s Blessings

Mr Matt Skeen
Deputy Headmaster Middle School

Entering Year 7 will be the most significant transition your son has made since he was 5 years old. The Middle School is designed to ensure that transition is positive and effectual.

From the first day, boys are grounded in traditional values and exposed to transformational experiences.Faith, Respect, Excellence, Service, Heart and Presence and make up the values of a St Peter’s Man.

Experiences are wide-ranging and boys are expected to engage in all Academic, Special Character, Sporting, Musical and Cultural opportunities.

At the beginning of the school year, a key focus is on helping the boys to adjust to their new environment. All values and expectations are made clear during the first 100 days in order to assist the boys in their early development as a St Peter’s Man. Community building events during this 100 day induction period are critical steps towards a successful transition for your son.

With emphasis placed on entering St Peter’s College in Year 7, a relatively unique situation develops within the College as a whole. Year 7 and Year 13 students can be seen sitting together talking, walking around the school or even competing in the same activity. A situation of ‘big brother/little brother’ can develop giving the younger boy the added security of a senior watchful eye.

Our Middle School goal is for all students to feel confident and ‘inculturated’ within the school. Our aim is for these young men to have a sense of expectation and belief towards becoming an outstanding man.


There is a highly structured academic programme in the Middle School. All subjects adhere to the New Zealand Curriculum with our core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science using the Junior Cambridge programme of study as a core syllabus. This programme ensures all students receive the necessary preparation before the vigour of secondary studies begin. Other subjects include Religious Studies, History, Geography, Music, Technology, Physical Education, Health, Art, Maori and French.

Our academic expectations and results are high, ensuring Middle School achievement consistently remains above the National Standard. The assessments we use are comprehensive with the key focus around mid-year and end-of-year examinations. We believe this provides a structure of learning that suits boys.

Our timetable follows a five day programme with seven periods per day. 70% of subjects are taught by the House Class teacher with specialist secondary teachers taking subjects such as Science, Music, Technology, Physical Education, Art and Languages. This integration with the Senior School in Year 7 and 8 contributes to the effective transitioning into the Senior School which begins in Year 9.

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Special Character
At the heart of St Peter’s is our Special Character.

It is lived out through the Catholic tradition and its intent is to build resilient young men of substance and integrity. In practice the Special Character is manifested through compulsory service hours, Religious Studies lessons, liturgical celebrations and daily prayer and reflection. Essentially Special Character is about how we do all things.

Our boys are encouraged to become: ‘Men for Others’

Practising the College motto: ‘To Love and to Serve’

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There is a proud sporting tradition at St Peter’s College. At Years 7 and 8 all the major sports are available including; Rugby, Soccer, Cricket, Cycling, Basketball, Softball, Hockey, Tennis,Water Polo and Touch Rugby. All Middle School boys are expected to represent the College in a weekend or after-school sports team
The Middle School also achieves at a high level both in the Central Zone for the Auckland Intermediate Schools Sports Association and nationally at the AIMS Games. Furthermore we participate in regular Inter-School summer and winter competitions involving traditional rivals Kings, Sacred Heart, Dilworth and St Kentigerns. Every Wednesday afternoon all Middle School classes are involved in inter-house sports ensuring a broad range of experiences for all.

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Pastoral Care
Pastoral Care involves creating the right culture and environment so that the personal, academic, physical, spiritual and emotional needs of every boy are met.

Pastoral Care is part of the unique Special Character of St Peter’s College, to which all staff contribute. Ultimately, Pastoral Care is about ensuring the well-being of the boys. At St Peter’s there is zero tolerance to bullying. Boys are able to come through the school gates each day feeling safe in all areas of the College. Boys are taught anti-bullying strategies and how to develop positive inter-personal relationships.

The Middle School’s structure contributes to fostering an environment of Pastoral Care. With 70% of subjects taught by their House Class teacher a positive teacher/student relationship is soon established. A pastoral system designed especially for the Middle School ensures boys are assessed weekly on College expectations and values.

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Music & Cultural Activities
At St Peter’s, Music sits alongside Sport as an essential discipline in building the St Peter’s Man.

Music is a high performing feature of St Peter’s. It is compulsory for all Year 7 and 8s to learn an instrument and small group musical tuition is provided once a week during class time.The objective is for every Middle School class to have their own Symphony Orchestra.

Music groups to join include the Junior Orchestra, Junior Strings and Junior Band. The Choirs are also very much part of the school scene involving all age levels.

Cultural activities like Music are vast and high achieving. They include the Maori Cultural Group, Samoan Cultural Group, Maori & Polynesian Festival, Tongan Cultural Group, weekly lessons in both Te Reo Maori and Mandarin.

The annual Eisteddfod is a Middle School event where classes and individuals compete in Performing Arts such as Singing, Music and Poetry.

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