Internal Exams

NCEA Internal Assessments Calendar
The dates of all internals are published on this page.

NCEA Internal Assessments occur throughout the year at St. Peter’s. It is the responsibility of every young man to ensure that he is aware of when each Internal Assessment is on and to be present at school to sit all these assessments.

If an Internal Assessment is missed due to a medical reason, then a medical certificate needs to be provided for the school. The Deputy Headmaster Curriculum will sign off on this.
If it is missed due to representing St Peter’s in sport or on a St Peter’s trip, then this will be deemed a legitimate reason and another deadline will be provided.

If there is any other reason to be away from school this needs to be approved by the Headmaster, Mr James Bentley. Please contact his secretary well in advance of the absence to gain permission.

Faculties where students have a legitimate reason to miss an NCEA Internal Assessment will then look to arrange a separate time for students to complete this.