CAIE – Cambridge Assessment International Education and Exams

Cambridge is the world’s largest provider of secondary qualifications. Based out of the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom and recognised globally, Cambridge has been in place at St Peter’s College since 2004. St Peter’s students do very well in Cambridge, with students every year topping the country or even the world in their subject.

Alex Reid – Top of New Zealand

Alex Reid – Top of New Zealand

AS Classical Studies 2023

Matthew Donnelly – Top of the World

Matthew Donnelly – Top of the World

AS Music 2019

Student’s progress through CAIE pathway in their senior years of school.

IGCSE – Year 11

AS – Year 12

A2 – Year 13

 CAIE is assessed mostly through external exams at the end of the school year. Boys decide whether to take IGCSE or NCEA Level One at the end of Year 10. Approximately 50% of Year 11 students take IGCSE.

 More information on CAIE can be found here