National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA)

NCEA is the secondary school qualification of New Zealand. Globally recognised, NCEA takes place across three levels.

 Level One – Year 11

Level Two – Year 12

Level Three – Year 13

 Students who perform well in Level 3 University recognised subjects can also gain University Entrance.

 Approximately 50% of Year 11 students choose the NCEA pathway at St Peter’s College.

NCEA assessment is based on a combination of internals (in school assessments) and externals (national exams).

 More information on NCEA can be found here

NZQA Scholarship Exams

 Scholarship are a separate series of exams which are sat at the end of the academic year. At St Peter’s College Scholarship is open to students from both NCEA or Cambridge pathways.

Scholarship is attempted by students who have performed strongly in their subject throughout the year. Only 3% of students who take a subject will gain scholarship. There are significant recognition and monetary awards for students who are successful in scholarship. 

Alec Van Helsdingen - NZQA Premier Scholar

Alec Van Helsdingen - NZQA Premier Scholar