Rugby Registration:

This registration form is for all school boy rugby players and it is a requirement that all players complete this form with their parents by Friday 9 March.

 2018 Rugby Registration Form

Middle School Rugby

Terms Played
  • Terms 2 and 3
  • Trials will take place late in Term 1
  • Teams available for Saturday teams: Under 12 Restricted (under 49kgs), Under 13 Restricted (Under 55kgs) and Under 13 Capped (under 83kgs)
  • Teams available for Middleschool Wednes exchange rugby: Middleschool 1st XV and 2nd XV (both U68kgs)
Game Days
  • Saturday mornings
  • Middleschool exchange games are Wednes afternoons during Middleschool sport
Practice Times

Saturday teams: Twice a week afterschool, depending on team you are selected for, generally 3.30pm-4.30pm at the Domain.

(Middleschool exchange teams: practise on Wednesday afternoons throughout term 1 and beginning of term 2)




SPC rugby shorts ($40) and socks ($16) – can be purchased at the Uniform Shop

Rugby jerseys provided.

Refer Sports Uniform Requirements


Week 4-5, Term 1 – registration form will be available online at that time (Saturday teams)

Middleschool exchange teams, organised through Middleschool Sport.

Other Information

Central Zone Tournament – Under 45kg, Under 55kg and Open weight

AIMS Sevens (Open weight)

Central Zone Sevens – Under 55kg and Open weight

Teacher in Charge

For any queries, please contact Mr Dave Thomas Director of Rugby E:

Year 9 – 13 Rugby

Terms Played

Terms 2 and 3.

Game Days

Saturday mornings (excluding 1st XV who play Saturday afternoons)

Practice Times

TBC once teams have been selected.


All players – $70 (except 1st XV: $450)



SPC Blue Rugby Shorts – $40

SPC Blue/Yellow Rugby Socks – $16

SPC Rugby Training T-shirt – TBC

Refer Sports Uniform Requirements


Weeks 3-5 Term 1 – registration form will be online at that time.

Other Information

Teams available:

  • 1st XV (open weight)
  • 2nd XV (open weight)
  • 3rd XV (open weight)
  • U15 (open weight)
  • U14 (open weight)
  • 4th Grade (under 80kgs)
  • 5th Grade (under 70kgs)
  • 6th Grade (under 60kgs)
  • U15 Restricted (under 55 kgs)
Teacher in Charge

For any queries, please contact Mr Dave Thomas, Director of Rugby E: