Terms Played

College Sport Events:

Central Zone Swimming Champs Thursday 1st March (entries close 22nd FEB)

Please ask your son to come and see Anna Drumm in the Sports Office between 15th-21st Feb to enter.

Champ of Champs is 12th April – qualifiers only.

Individual Champs – 5th August (entries close

Please ask your son to listen at Yard Assembly for notices re registration for all of above.





  • Middle School Swimming Sports
  • AIMS Middle School Tournament – Tauranga
  • Central/East Zone
  • AKSS Champs

Practice Times

Individual Training


SPC Togs


Please listen to the Daily Notices as Registrations are called for the different events via the Notices

SPC Contact

For any queries, please contact Mrs Anna Drumm, E: adrumm@st-peter.school.nz