SPC Term 4 Registration info

Tennis online registration Term 4 – Please register *Here*

Terms Played

Term 4 – All students Year 7-10 regardless of playing ability or prior experience

Game Days

Saturday mornings – 8.15 am or 10.30 am


Practice Times
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 3.30-4.30pm depending on teams/grades
Seniors and Juniors – $50 (covers court hire, coaching and College Sport registration)
  • Tennis Racquet
  • SPC PE uniform, SPC Tennis shorts and suitable footwear
  • SPC Tennis shorts to be worn by all players.  Available for purchase from the Edmund’s Shop.
  • Refer Sports Uniform Requirements

Please register using the online registration form. Entries close Friday 23rd September

Other Information
    • All students will be assigned to a team unless they request to participate in training only. Grades are as follows:

    A Grade: players should have extensive experience in playing competitive matches

    B Grade: players can serve and rally

    C Grade: novice players who can serve and rally

    On match day, a team consists of 6 players who play one game of singles and one game of doubles. Each team will have more than 6 players listed in it to accommodate for injuries/illness/other one-off commitments.

    Matches are one set of first to 6 games with a tiebreaker at 6 games all.


Teacher in Charge
For any queries, please contact Mr John Gayfer,