Music News

On 16th October, the famous internationally recognised music educator, author, composer, clinician and music innovator, Bruce Pearson presented a workshop for musicians and music teachers connected to the book that he produced together with Captain Ryan Nowlin (Assistant Director, staff arranger and composer of ‘The President’s own’ United States Marine band). The emphasis was with music education at the beginning of their musical experience which was of particular importance for St. Peter’s because of our compulsory Year 7 and 8 instrumental music programme.

St. Peter’s College uses Bruce’s book and the staff was very excited to hear from this legendary music teacher. His workshop additionally confirmed that here at St. Peter’s College, we follow the best musical standards in the world. We caught up with Bruce for a short amount of time separately and discussed a few aspects of early music education. We are hoping that he will come to St. Peter’s College sometime in the future and present his ideas further in a workshop with our students.
Bruce is also a very experienced conductor and we are hoping that, in future, he might be able to work with our Senior Concert Band. It was a wonderful experience that brought enthusiasm to continue and develop all of our teaching ideas.
Bruce left a little note addressed to all of our students.