Junior Uniform Requirements

See full uniform description and prices beneath pictures below:

All items are compulsory unless otherwise stated

SPC School Socks: $13
SPC Short Sleeved Shirt: $48
SPC Tie: $25
SPC Shorts: $61.50
SPC Jumper: $105
SPC Jacket: $120
Black Leather Dress Shoes – no black trainers (not available to purchase at SPC)
Black or Brown Leather Sandals – must have strap at back (not available to purchase at SPC)(Optional until Easter only)

Other items:

SPC PE Top: $37
SPC PE Shorts: $42
SPC House Shirt: $38
SPC Garters: $6 (Optional)
SPC Sun Hat (Bucket Hats) can be worn in Term 1 and 4 only: $16
SPC Scarf: $23 (Optional – may be worn in Terms 2 & 3 only)


  1. Black leather dress shoes and ties are to be worn from Easter to December
  2. Year 7 – Year 10 are not required to wear a tie until Easter (except for formal occasions e.g. Masses)
  3. SPC Socks must be appropriate in size and length (must come up to a level just below the knee)


  • Hair must be a student’s natural colour
  • Hair must not be below the collar, longer hair can be dangerous in practical classes and students will have to tie hair up if requested
  • Hair must be tied back if eyes and face are not visible
  • Extreme hair styles are not permitted. These include, but are not limited to dreadlocks, mohawks, shaved lines or any such styles that are studied efforts to draw attention to the student
  • All students must be clean shaven
  • No jewellery (apart from a wrist watch) should be worn by students
  • Boys may wear a Cross-Crucifix beneath their shirt